Social Media Is Like A Cocktail Party

Mix & Mingle, Make A splash.

4.55 billion people are active on social media.

The average user spends an average of 2 hours and 27 minutes per day on social media.

In 2021, social media usage grew at an average rate of 13.5 new users every single second.

90% of people buy from brands they follow on social media.

Social media is like the party businesses were never invited to.

Don't crash the party.
Be the party.

Brands use social media platforms to dominate their market. We analyze audiences, forge a strategy, create and distribute content, and help you maintain control of your online conversations. Leverage influencers, make yourself a home within the community. Our systems allow you to monitor, measure, and report your social network performance and ROI. Take advantage of social media’s enormous potential for business success. Social media platforms increase brand awareness and sales. Incisive social media ingenuity, maintenance, and monitoring is required. Social media’s powerful channel achieves even your biggest objectives.

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The World's Most Monumental Party

Picture a massive party with the world’s most fascinating people who bring diverse backgrounds, cultures and vastly different experiences, ideologies, and traditions. Billions of conversations carry on simultaneously. People share themselves and ask questions about others. Conversations where people share interests and opinions grow and spread. Billions of connections inevitably lead to even more connections. This massive party is real and it’s called social media, taking place from your living room or your pocket. Now customers can join in on the fun from anywhere in the world 24/7, and bring their insights to the party.

How To Be The Life Of The Party

Be an active listener.

As a brand, the number one asset social media gives you is the ability to listen to your potential customers’ wants, dreams, and pain points. Everyone has fallen victim to a dreadfully boring conversation with that guy at the party who won’t stop talking about his company and accomplishments. Don’t be that guy. Social media allows you to listen fully and completely before speaking. No one enjoys a one-sided conversation from a brand that pops up on their feed. Knowledge grows when you listen to current and previous customers, prospective customers, and competitors. Now you ask the right questions and provide the answers to the questions they’re already asking. Never guess what they want to hear — you have full access to the information they are already seeking. People need to hear from you because you can help them. You can have fun at this party and still get things done. Let your systems help you keep on top of the conversation. 

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Master the art of storytelling.

Social media is all about storytelling. Whenever somebody posts a customer review, shares a photograph of an event they attended, or posts a life update, they are actually telling a story. People use emojis, emoticons, memes, GIFs, tweets, videos, and blogs to share who they are and how they want to be perceived. Do the same, earn their trust and build a brand culture that people will celebrate. A strong storytelling ability creates something powerful and impactful. People will want to listen to you because you have been listening to them.

Engage with everybody.

Let’s say that someone isn’t having a fun time at your cocktail party. Their bored expression is bad enough but even worse, they are on their phone telling people that the party is a dud. Don’t leave them leave with that sour taste in their mouths. Instead include them with the rest of the party. Encourage them to engage and share with all the party-goers. Everyone, including businesses, must take responsibility for the flow of the party. This communication and sense of inclusion is invaluable to your brand’s reputation. Respond to negative feedback. Do better next time. Show good faith with a disappointed customer and everyone, especially potential customers, that your company cares about your customers’ experiences. Likewise, it’s paramount to respond to positive feedback. When your customer wants to sing your praises, engage with and reward them for it. This begins new friendships, builds long-lasting relationships, and brings positive messages back to the top of peoples’ newsfeeds.

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Provide value, be irreplaceable.

With so many options on the market, your company must stand out from the rest. Never post boring, self-serving, and valueless content. Be that welcome and distinctive presence by posting consistent, engaging and sensational content. Customers want to know how you can help them solve problems and be a trusted asset. They want to know your techniques and why they work. You provide value by fusing quality entertainment with useful information.  Your target audience fall in love with your brand. Don’t just post your company’s updates and achievements but also post the insights and content that impact your followers’ daily lives. Set yourself up as the go-to authority in your industry and transform yourself into not just a brand, but a story that people will identify with and want be a part of. Build your brand, increase your reach, and reinforce your company’s credibility. Your company, your customers, and the industry will welcome your strong presence.


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Our Three-Step Process...

Social Media Audit

Step 1: We work together to comprise all the social media profiles of your company.

Step 2: Our specialists use social media analytics for key performance metrics such as monitoring growth, average month-to-month engagement rates, frequency and top-performing content formats, traffic sources, community sentiments, question response rate, average response time, audience demographics, and behavior.

Step 3: We then analyze your data and identify areas that can be improved. If you notice a drop in engagement volume, this could be due to low content quality, incorrect targeting, or inconsistent publishing frequency.


Select The Right Platform

Picking the right platform is a critical aspect of effective social media management. It is possible that the social media audit will reveal that certain platforms don’t work for you. We must take the time to fully understand what it takes to achieve the results you desire. To reach your target audience, we must discover where they are spending their time online.

Here are some questions we will ask you when devising your social media strategy:

  • What are my business goals? Is it to improve brand awareness, lead generation, website traffic, conversions, all of the above, or more?
  • Can our efforts on each platform achieve a high enough ROI to justify the marketing cost?
  • Do the demographics and psychographics of the people on the platform resemble those of your customer avatar?
  • Are your target audiences present on the platform and active? Are they reachable?
  • What platform is the most popular with marketers? What content do we need to create to be noticed?
  • Does the platform have any direct competitors? What are their results? Can they be outperformed?

Get To Know Your Target Audience

Step 1: Amass and analyze audience data. The more information that can be collected on your target audience, the more precise our picture of them we’ll be able to build. Much of this information will not be available in the platforms’ analytics or Google Analytics. By doing market research and running polls, we can get a clear idea of who we are talking to and how they prefer to be talked to.

Step 2: Create a customer avatar, the representation of your perfect customer, based on all our market data and research. We use this information to segment your audience into groups according to demographics, psychographics, locations, behaviors, and interests. By creating a customer avatar, we will have the ability to craft content that best suits their needs and preferences. This will spark engagement and nurture your social media community right down the marketing funnel.

Step 3: Keep in touch with your customer avatars. People naturally grow, mature, and evolve to have different interests and preferences. Content that may have suited them a few months ago can completely miss the mark now. In addition to personal developments, our culture is always developing new trends that should be paid attention to, in order to act on them when appropriate.


Next time you’re at a cocktail party or on social media, remember that you want to be sure to mix and mingle.

Then when it’s your turn to talk, people will not only hear you, but know that they have been heard.​

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Social Media Management FAQs

Social media platforms are used daily by the majority of people worldwide. Use these platforms to boost engagement with your target audience and increase online visibility. Many consumers seek out a brand’s social media pages or profile to review before deciding to purchase. You must create a social presence for your business, so your existing and potential customers can review your online activity and engage with you in a more casual manner. Consumers who are not ready to purchase are likely to engage in a Facebook chat or reach out via Twitter or LinkedIn, as opposed to requesting a consultation via your website form.

Research which social media are preferred by your target audience, and then optimize your presence on these. Consider the types of products and services you offer to see which platform is best for your brand and messaging. And, review your business goals and the platforms that best support your aims.

Frequency and timing of posting differ between social platforms. An excellent social media manager will know these best practices.

Post are generally free on social media, and you are sharing information for your followers and the general public to see organically. An ad on social media is paid advertising. You can create a unique ad, and precisely target your prospects by demographics and interests and ensure your brand is talking to your ideal consumer.

This is not a exceptionally expensive advertising route, but more you spending delivers value and results. Adapt your social media advertising spend to the various platforms’ limitations. As an example, Facebook has a minimum daily ad spend. When you determine what is effective, reset your budget and watch ROI grow.