Pay Per Click Ads

The odds of hitting your
target spike dramatically
when you aim for it

People who click on ads are 50% more likely to make a purchase.

65% of people click on ads when making a purchase.

Ads can increase brand awareness by up to 80%

Gain Immediate Targeted Traffic

A good archer is not known for her arrows, but for her aim.

What is PPC and how can it help my business?

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are online advertisements that advertisers only pay for each time a user clicks on their ad. Pay-per-click marketing is a strategy business owners use to build brand recognition, promote special offers and events, and gain instantaneous conversions from their targeted audience.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is the most popular form of PPC ads. However, there are numerous forms of PPC advertisements on the web. In addition to search engine result pages (SERPs) ads and Google display ads, there are social media ads as well. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin all offer the PPC model to advertisers.

Pay-per-click ads are one of the greatest, most effective, and profitable digital marketing strategies. PPC advertising enables brands to take control of their ad spend and what, when, and what kind of people will see their ads. When done properly, PPC ads guarantee that the right people will see your ads at the right time, fast-tracking your customer’s journey and amplifying your conversion rates.

Lightning-Speed Results

PPC ads offers the remarkable benefit of instantaneous results. Upon the campaigns launch, your ads are up and running and can receive conversion-leading clicks right away.

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Price Adaptation

PPC ads allow you to select an ad spend limit, based on your budget. You can turn ads on and off at anytime, allowing you to capitalize on the most opportune time periods if you don’t have endless capital for your marketing budget.

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Precise Targeting

Supply your most suitable customers with targeted messages, based upon their search patterns, online movements, and preferred platforms. You can target potential customers by their demographics, including gender, age, location, and more.

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Unswerving Accuracy

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Brand Visibility

PPC advertisement is a sure-fire way to get your brand in front of your target audience by making an appearance where they spend a great deal of their time and when they are most likely to convert into customers.

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Complete Customization

You know your target audience better than anyone. With PPC ads, you can cater to them with relevant ad copy, specific keywords, placements, and specific zip codes you want your ad to run in.

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Trackable Data

Pay-per-click advertising services eliminate the need for speculation by supplying easy to measure, trackable data. Automatic campaign tracking means that you can measure your pay-per-click performance as needed, without any guess-work.

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Our Quiver of Arrows Include...

Google Ads

Google Ads generate a revenue of $8 for every $1 spent. People are four times more likely to click ads on Google (63%) than any other advertisement network. Engage your target audience by providing them with what they need, based off of their keyword searches and leveraged site-link extensions.

Social Media Ads

54% of people online research a product they are interested on social media before making a purchase. Social media users spend an average of 145 minutes per day on their favorite platforms. Boost your brand recognition and always stay at the top of your ideal customers’ minds with optimized social media ads.

Job Posting Ads

Find qualified applicants to fill the positions needed to scale your business. Utilize our methods to implement and optimize your job posting ads and find the best qualified employment seekers, that fit your company culture and possess the skills needed to help your company excel.

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Comprehensive PPC Audit

Feed Me Leads PPC advertising specialists conduct a deep dive to guarantee that we can formulate a winning PPC marketing attack plan that will meet your business and marketing goals while upholding industry standards. Our in-depth PPC audits will provide us with the information needed to form optimal tactics we can use to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign. We will then adjust our techniques by monitoring the issues of your campaign and evaluating your key performance indicators (KPIs) and the structure of your PPC account.

Conversion Focused

At Feed Me Leads, we provide ourselves in being ROI-oriented. Having a potential customer notice or even click on your ad is not enough. We do whatever it takes to make sure that you reach your marketing and business goals. Our knowledgeable PPC advertisement experts will closely analyze your campaign performance and review our results with you on a monthly basis, or whenever you or your marketing team feel it is necessary. We can. We will. End of Story.

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Comprehensive Reporting

We are 100% committed to your success. Feed Me Leads promises comprehensive campaign reports on demand. We keep you in the loop with our progress and your pay-per-click campaign results. Our extensive reports provide data on all of your Google Analytics results, social media ad analytics, keyword rankings, and your click-to-conversion ratios. We value collaboration and full transparency. Your reports tell you what happening but your analytics will tell you why it’s happening.  We don’t stop tweaking our strategy until we get it right. 

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...To Ensure that we hit the bullseye every time.

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We are happy to report that they will. You will definitely see results very quickly with ads compared to other forms of digital marketing. Ads also have a very good conversion rate. There are multiple components that you must consider, including ad spending, targeting, optimizing, copy, and conversion

You will want to consider when to start, where to start, what platform to use, and how much money to spend.

1. Goals: Be specific about your goals for these ads, from finding a way to get people to click on your site, to presenting an offer, to showcasing your company as the best option.

2. Budget: With expert maximization, your ads can bring in satisfying results while saving money. Optimize your investment and without overextending your budget.

3. Ad copy and targeting: These two things will determine an ad’s success. You must write compelling ad copy that relates to your target audience.

If you are ready to devour your market with digital ads then call Feed Me Leads at 714-975-5909 or message us here.

If you google almost any type of business in a populated area, google map results are at the top of the page. With a click on the business name, you can reach their website or call them directly. 30% of google searches are related to location, so having your business on Google maps is 100% necessary.

When filling out your information make sure that your address, phone number, and business name is the exact same as it is on your website in the same format and correctly spelled. Also pay attention when you choose a category for your business. Google will use this metric to classify your business.