Our Mission Statement: To relentlessly innovate and strategize to create the most efficient tools and marketing attack plans that help quality companies improve and utilize their online presence to gain new customers, build brand recognition, and unlock their full potential.

Website Design

Communicate your brand's value with intelligent and mobile-friendly designs.


Maximize your visibility and reach new customers through organic search.

Local SEO

Dominate mobile searches by leveraging Google's Map-Pack and showcasing your local prominence.


Reach your target audience, boost sales, and minimize acquisition costs.

Social Media

Increase brand recognition and reputation by putting out personal content catered to your customer avatar.

I'm Samantha Grant, the founder of Feed Me Leads.

We specialize in digital marketing. We integrate SEO, website design, social media management, content marketing, and online ads to help you achieve your marketing and business goals. We enthusiastically collaborate with you and your marketing team or any other vendors you may be working with on other marketing initiatives. We provide up-to-date and value-packed tactics to help your company and brand stand out to your target audience, including Google. We borrow Google’s authority to get your content in front of the right people and have them trust you as an authority in your industry. We then build a brand foundation using social media accounts to create an interlinked network we then publish your brand’s content to. We strive to gain your trust and build long-lasting and symbiotic relationships by helping you navigate this ever-changing digital world.

So, how does this work?

Let's break it down into bite-sized pieces.

1. Book a Free Strategy Session

Strategy sessions typically take around 30 minutes.

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2. Let's Dive Deep

Discover new digital marketing tactics that fit within your strategic vision.

Examine how your future can look within your competitive landscape.

Explore easy and accessible digital tools and have your questions answered.



3. Receive a customized Marketing Attack Plan.

Get a list of high-volume and low-difficulty keywords to incorporate into your content.

Learn how you can dominate your competitors with a winning backlink strategy.

Obtain tailor-made recommendations for industry leadership.

4. Devour your market

Captivate your customers’ attention and earn their trust.

Become the go-to authority in your industry.

Revel in the your new abundance of high-quality leads.


At Feed Me Leads, our customers are our brand ambassadors, and we treat them as such. We will be your guide through the ever-changing and improving world of digital marketing. We know that you will be satisfied in our level of commitment and customer service. We provide extensive analytic reports, but we pride ourselves in being an ROI oriented company. Our high level of transparency and collaboration will ensure you feel less like a client and more like a partner.

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Our Core Values

Trust, Innovation, Value-Centricity

-Build trust with transparency 
-Be passionate and determined
-Active listening and collaboration
-Set goals, dive deep, follow through
-Embrace and drive change
-Provide value first
-Stay ravenous
-Grow together

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Digital Marketing FAQS

Will Ads Help Me Gain Clients Fast?

A very commonly asked question in the business is if ads, specifically Google ads, will help them gain clients quickly. We are happy to report that they will. You will definitely see results very quickly with ads compared to other forms of digital marketing. Ads also have a very good conversion rate. However, it is not just as simple as purchasing an ad with a couple of clicks. There are multiple components that you must consider. 

A few of these factors include ad spending, targeting, optimizing, copy, and conversion. On top of that, there are many other nuances that most businesses are unaware of. 

Knowing when to start, where to start, what platform to use, and how much money you can expect to spend are all things everyone in your position wants to know. Those are a lot of loaded questions to find the answers to. 

So let’s break it down into bite-sized pieces. 

In order for ads to make the greatest impact on your business’s growth and profit margin, there are a few things that should be considered.
1. Goals
You need to start with the end in mind. This means that you need to write out your goals for these ads. You will need to be specific. For instance, you may be interested in finding a way to get people to click on your site. Once they are on your site you may want to then convince them to choose your company by presenting an offer, explaining why your company is the best option, or any other method you may think of. You may also want to convert leads by selling to them in the front end vs the back end. This means that you may present an offer to your potential customers right away. Then once they are enticed by the offer, they will click onto your site to make a purchase or to find out more information.
This is just an example of one decision you have to make when putting together an ad. Deciding on this will determine what methods and platforms you should use for the best results. Different methods and platforms are better for different desired outcomes. 
2. Budget
In order for your company to get the most return on its investment, you will need to have a game plan that is expertly planned out based on your goals and then perfectly executed. Unfortunately you cannot just throw money at advertisements and expect to get amazing results. With expert maximization, your ads can bring in excellent results and actually end up saving you money. However, you must expect and account for a monetary investment. With the right team though, you will be able to optimize your investment and bring in incredible results without overextending your budget and breaking the bank.
3. Ad copy and targeting
These two things will determine your ad’s success. It is absolutely imperative that you write compelling ad copy that will relate to your target audience and prospective buyers. Most companies that have issues with their conversion rates with online ads struggle.

Writing copy that is relatable, gripping, and convincing is much easier said than done. Businesses who have had success with online ads usually hire a copywriter to come up with this for them. We would advise that you do the same thing. Relying on experts in areas that you have little to no expertise in is always a smart idea.

Grabbing the attention with your online audience isn’t enough on its own. Your message or offer needs to be able to resonate with people who are actually interested in buying your products or services. You will need to get into their head in order to accomplish this. What do they like to do in their spare time? What kind of things interest them? Where do they like to travel to? How old are they? What certain personality traits do they tend to have?

If you are not specific enough, you will not get a good return on your investment. Once you find your perfect prospect, discover their interests, habits, likes, and dislikes, and then use that information to write the perfect ad copy that draws them in and gets them interested in doing business with you, you will see phenomenal results. These are some of the most important questions that you need to ask yourself about your business. 

To sum it up, recognizing and optimizing what motivates the targeting aspect and determining an ample budget for this project are both important parts of getting the most out of your online ad. Ads have the potential to bring in a lot of cash and actually save you money if done correctly. 

If you want to see some fast results from your online ads, then you should seek out an expert to help you avoid any costly mistakes. Your marketing strategy is something that should be carefully planned and budgeted. 

If you are ready to devour your market with digital ads then call Feed Me Leads at 714-975-5909 or message us here.

◦ Digital marketing helps organizations, businesses, and brands surf the transformative digital wave across digital channels on the internet. Strategies and tactics target online audiences via internet-connected devices.

◦ Digital marketing includes optimization for search engines (like Google), social media platforms, email marketing communications, website design and rapidly changing integrated applications to engage with prospects and customers.

◦ A digital marketer is a specialist who understands how to develop and deploy effective marketing strategies to connect with audiences online. They can ensure your brand engages with your consumer from the first point of contact through after-sales service.

◦ Every brand must have an online representation and benefits from a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing is cost-effective because your message directly aims at your ideal audience. While traditional marketing addresses the general public. digital marketing targets the right consumer with the right message at the right time. You can measure your digital marketing efforts and costs and accurately assess spending.

A campaign will work with you to articulate outcomes, goals and deliver understandable, transparent reporting.